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E.g., 2018-01-20
E.g., 2018-01-20

Planning Africa Conference 2018

Planning Africa Conference promotes just and sustainable spatial development in South Africa and the continent. The conference provides a platform for knowledge exchange, networking and influencing the practice of planning. Planning Africa focuses on the role of planning in shaping the future. It is a platform for (re)thinking, discussing and envisaging the outcomes that planners desire for the future. Planning Africa creates synergies between urban and regional planners and other practitioners, policy makers and academics. The theme of the 2018 Planning Africa Conference is “The Making of Modern African Cities”.

Start date: 14 October 2018
End date: 17 October 2018
Opening & closing times: 7am – 9pm
Point of purchase for ticket: www.planningafrica.org.za
Cost of tickets: R5 000 – R9 500

Contact person: Itumeleng Nkoane
Tel: +27 (0)11 553 - 7135
Website: www.planningafrica.org.za
Email: info@sapi.org.za

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