CTICC highlights World Homeless Day

CTICC staff, and Haven Night Shelter clients and staff on World Homeless Day.

The challenges of being homeless in Cape Town were highlighted on World Homeless Day which is observed annually on the 10th of October.


The Cape Town International Convention Centre partnered with the Haven Night Shelter in Napier Street, Green Point, and provided clients of the shelter with a meal and handed over care packs filled with toiletries including disposable razors, sanitary towels, soap, shampoo, and roll-on.


The CTICC additionally donated two much-needed fridges to the shelter. According to Kevin Alexander, manager of the Haven Night Shelter’s Napier Street facility, there are an estimated 7 000 people living on the streets of Cape Town.


Speaking at the handover where Haven Night Shelter staff, clients and CTICC staff were present, Julie-May Ellingson, Chief Executive Officer of the CTICC, said it was an honour and privilege to partner with the Haven Night Shelter.


“The CTICC has a long-standing relationship with the Haven Night Shelter and sincerely appreciates the excellent work that the Haven Night Shelter does in providing support for thousands of homeless people across the city and province. Those of us, who have the privilege of having a job and a roof over our heads, need to do whatever we can to assist those less fortunate. We need to play it forward and today is about just that,” said Ellingson.


She added: “We want to assure the community that we are here to assist in whatever way we can. I am fortunate to work with an amazing team of people who have big hearts and who are always willing to give of their time to make a difference in the lives of others. We thank you, and the Haven Night Shelter, for allowing us to be part of your home today and hope that these small gifts will make your lives a little easier.”


The Haven Night Shelter was established in 1978 and has 15 shelters spread across the Western Cape, with the most recent shelter having opened in Mossel Bay.


The Napier Street shelter, specifically, is able to sleep 96 clients – both female and male. It not only assists its clients with a warm bed and food, but also provides a six-month programme to rehabilitate individuals back into society and reunite them with their families.


The shelter, which receives funding from the Department of Social Development for the building and staff salaries rely heavily on other donor funding for their daily operations.


“All consumable stuff – food, clothing, toiletries – all those things come from donors like you. Thank you so much for being here today. We always welcome corporate partners like you - I think you (the CTICC) are one of our biggest partners. We survive because of you,” said Alexander.


If you would like to assist the shelter, contact +27 21 425 4700 or email infor@haven.org.za. Find out more about the shelter at www.haven.org.za.

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