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Digital events have changed the events landscape forever. While the world has adapted to socially distanced events, hybrid events are becoming the new normal, offering clients a complete range of options to suit their specific requirements. From real-life events with a small digital footprint to  large global hybrid event with equal in-person and digital components.

At the CTICC,  we have combined world-class technology with our premium venue space to bring you CTICC Engage – our virtual and hybrid events solutions that will take you into the future.

With our Hybrid Events Space, Studio Rooms and Digital Events Platform, we help you offer successful events that feature the most efficient in-person programming and virtual components.

Hybrid Events

By combining virtual and in-person components, the CTICC helps organisers reach a wider audience with the highest level of world-class quality production. From hybrid exhibitions to hybrid conferencing of any size, we bring your events to life by creating both in-person real life and online exceptional experiences.

Why consider a hybrid event?

If you’ve traditionally run life in-person events, it’s worthwhile considering adding a powerful digital element to create a hybrid event for the following reasons;

  • Maximise attendance and extend your delegate reach beyond borders
  • Provide your guests with multiple choices and multi-layered experiences
  • Cast a wider net to include top keynote speakers in other regions or abroad
  • Enjoy more opportunities for sponsorships and revenue
  • Leverage the powerful CRM feature to market effectively to your database
  • Professionally record the entire event and share immediately
  • Gain valuable insights through the strong analytics and reporting
  • CPD reporting for delegates
  • Excellent lead generation and Return-on-Investment.

Our hybrid event solutions include:

  • Premium venue space with socially distanced seating for in-person attendees
  • Technical and consulting support for clients utilising their own software and equipment
  • Pre-, during and post-event production support, editing and coordination
  • Strong internet connectivity to meet event needs for video streaming and online interactivity
  • A single digital event platform for broadcast management, virtual lounges, online sponsor opportunities and audience engagement tools

Studio Rooms

With a dedicated and experienced team of professional digital designers, AV engineers and a 3-Studio Room option, the CTICC provides its clients with a blank canvas to bring to life high-tech events that allow you to conduct interactive events online with thousands of participants. Whether it be for a conference, seminar, or any other event, guests can meet virtually.

Our 3-Studio Room options are:

  • 10x3m LED Studio Room
  • Immersive Green Screen Room
  • Video Presentation Room

Each room is fully equipped with the latest sound, lighting and camera equipment. Being able to go live within 24 hours, our Studio Rooms can produce multi-camera live streaming from the CTICC or create pre-event, professionally edited recordings. Bespoke packages can be designed with fully customisable renders of what your unique studio space can look like.

Digital Events Platform

The CTICC has teamed up with global event software experts to enhance the possibilities of online and hybrid events through our latest product offering – CTICC Engage Digital Events solution.

Our digital events platform is ideal for:

  • Meetings and conferences
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Community engagements and webinars
  • Special events and virtual banquets

Our key features include:

  • Online event technology that works for all event formats – virtual, hybrid and in-person
  • Delegate accessibility for 365 days from start to network and view on-demand footage
  • Extensive data analytics and CPD reporting
  • Make it your own with customisable branding
  • Live sessions with Q&A, chatbot and polls
  • Exhibitor and sponsors branding opportunities
  • Group video call meetings and round table discussions
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) matchmaking, which includes scheduling video meetings on the platform with delegates, speakers and exhibitors

Easy to use with the touch of a button, organisers can unlock endless possibilities with the CTICC Engage Digital Events Platform.

CTICC Engage - Digital events


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