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E.g., 2018-10-17

AAPG International Conference & Exhibition 2018

AAPG, the recognised global leader in the dissemination of high- quality geoscience data and information, brings its International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) to Cape Town from the 4 th to the 7 th of November 2018. The ICE 2018 will gather geoscientists and petroleum industry professionals from over 60 countries to build their knowledge and skills, discover technology innovations and network with peers. If you want to become a leader and/or stay relevant in this constantly changing industry, you need to access the tools, content and contacts that will help you succeed. By participating in and supporting the ICE, you will benefit by aligning yourself with some of the most credible geosciences information available. It is this focus on science and community that provides the cornerstone for both personal and business opportunities at the event. Do not miss the most important geosciences event of the year.

Start date: 4 November 2018
End date: 7 November 2018
Opening & closing times: 8am – 7:30pm (4 November); 7:30am – 8pm (5 November 2018); 7:30am – 6:20pm (6 November 2018); 7:30am – 4:35pm (7 November 2018)
Point of purchase for ticket: https://capetown2018.iceevent.org
Cost of ticket: Click here 

Contact person: Wade Huntsman
Email: convene@aapg.org
Tel: +1 918 560 2617 or +1 800 364 2274 (toll free USA and Canada)
Website: https://capetown2018.iceevent.org
Facebook: @AAPGeologists
Twitter: @AAPG
Event hashtag: #ICE2018; #ICECapeTown

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