Mandela Day 2019
Mandela Day 2019

Impacting Change | Sustaining Inspiring Communities

Caring for and transforming the futures of our communities continues to be central to our triple-bottom-line approach to ensuring that all areas of our business deliver on our commitment to people, planet and profit.

This has never been more true than the challenges and opportunities that COVID-19 has brought into our lives. For our communities, represented by our five Local Community Partners and other community organisations we work with, the pandemic has brought considerable additional hardships – rising unemployment, hunger, an increase in gender-based violence and an ever-deepening inequality.

We develop an annual action plan for the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, which includes coordinating and implementing activations, as well as supporting other departments with their CSR initiatives.

The relationships with our Local Community Partners (LCPs) are central to the CSR programme and we remain in constant communication with our partners throughout the year, performing needs analyses to ensure the CTICC is optimally assisting them, wherever possible.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to continue to assist our current LCPs and the communities they serve as much as possible.

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