Growing with the CTICC

Growing with the CTICC

Malusi Nyembe: A bright light at the CTICC Junior Electrician – Facilities Operations department

Malusi joined the CTICC five years ago as an electrician, attracted, like many, by our reputation and achievements.

Since then, he has upskilled himself through several training modules.

“It’s a competitive field with many challenges, but I have overcome it by studying more and improving my skills. This has helped me stay on top of my game.”

Covid-19 was a difficult time – he says it was sad to see retrenched staff leaving the company and he was extremely grateful that he was able to stay on.

“I was one of the staff who had multiple roles during this time. It made me love my work more because it showed me that the company believes in me and that my position is an important one.”

One thing he has noticed since the pandemic is that staff have adapted to the use of sanitisers and he believes this is a long-term behaviour change that can only be for the good from a hygiene point of view.

When asked what has kept him here, his answer is a simple one – “The love that I have for the CTICC.”

“The experience that I have gained in the five years I have been at the CTICC has made me a better person,” says Malusi.

Faren Mageman: Adapting for the good of the team Demi Chef de Partie (Cold Kitchen) – Food & Beverage Operations department

Faren started at the CTICC at the beginning of 2017 just as CTICC 2 opened and events were filling the complex.

Indeed, she joined because she was impressed by the CTICC’s ability to serve up to 5 000 meals a day.

Since then, Covid-19 has reshaped the business and created opportunities, she says.

“The situation exposed me to different roles and responsibilities, which, in turn, inspired me to learn more about other people’s roles within the business. We also find ourselves doing off-site events, which is not something that the business is used to doing.”

Additional challenges have included the need to adapt to retrenchments and resignations, as well as covering multiple roles.

But through it all, she has felt well supported by her mentor, Chef Sibu, and very much part of the team.

She singles out the culture of the CTICC as a big plus point.


“I feel that I am appreciated and the people that I work with genuinely care about the company,” says Faren.