Hajira Essop - Looking back 15 years
Hajira Essop - Looking back 15 years

Hajira Essop | An Institution, a Friend and a Stalwart

Hajira Essop, fondly known as ‘Aunty Hajira’ started at the CTICC on 1 November, a few months before we officially opened our doors. She was handpicked to join the team by the then Managing Director, Dirk Elzinga as a tea lady, and over the years, she worked her way up to executive office assistant.

But Aunty Hajira was more than just her role. She was our work mom, our friend and confidant, and a person we could go to for advice. She made everyone feel important and brought laughter to us all.

Her contribution to the CTICC over the last 16 years has been immense. She was often the first person to welcome newcomers, and she supervised the many contract workers that came through our building. She was tireless and committed to the CTICC.

On 28 February, we said thank you to Hajira for her long service and hard work as she prepared herself for the new phase of her life, retirement.

She left her footprints on each and every one of our hearts. She truly embodied our values, and it was with tears in our eyes that we wished her well.