C19 Care

C19 Care Event Safety

C19 Care

Our priority will always be the safety of our staff, clients and partners, which is why the CTICC upgraded its existing hygiene practices. We introduced C19Care©, a comprehensive health and safety programme in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our C19Care© protocols were
developed in collaboration with local and international public health authorities, medical and industry experts, tourism and events industry leaders, and the guidelines set out by the South African government.

It includes, but is not limited to, mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing and hand sanitising; touchless interaction with parking booms, payment systems and taps in selected bathrooms; signage with Covid-19 guidelines and educational notices at key points; and continuous cleaning of high-contact surfaces.

The CovidScreen App

The CovidScreen app was developed to be used for the daily screening of staff and visitors for any Covid-19 symptoms and/or exposure. Staff and visitors need to make use of this app upon arrival. This app can work on any mobile device with internet access. Free Wi-Fi is available to allow for the completion of the process. For those without mobile devices, tablets
are stationed at the entrance.

Based on the responses to a quick health questionnaire, the app will display a green or orange confirmation screen. If visitors and staff receive a green confirmation screen and their temperature is within a safe range, they will be permitted to enter the facility. If they receive an orange confirmation screen, they should contact our Covid-19 compliance officer for further instructions. If their temperature is outside of the safe range, they will not be permitted to enter and must contact their nearest Covid-19 facility.

This app helps us make the safest decisions for everyone’s health.

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