Short term training

Short term training stories

Zaitoon Davids: Mastering swimming in the deep end Conference and Exhibitions Administrator – Commercial department 

Zaitoon joined the CTICC in October 2019, just before the pandemic hit and that “affected everything” – including the advent of what she calls the “coldness of social distancing” and having “to swim in the deep end” when taking on multiple roles during this time.

However, the experience taught her to be more flexible and allowed her the opportunity to gain experience in other departments – and luckily, post-Covid, she has felt the team spirit again, especially when taking part in a client-partnered community activation event in Langa, where the CTICC helped repaint a school in the year under review (see page 120).

During the year under review, Zaitoon took part in several short-term training courses.

All the training was completed online and was a vital tool in her growth as the Commercial department representative on the CTICC’s Employee Representative Forum (ERF). One of the courses she did was on Employment Equity Capacitation.

“I enjoyed the training – I was introduced to the Employment Equity Act and how it applies to the workplace. It ensures that all employees receive equal opportunities and are treated fairly. I wish all staff could attend this training – it’s so important,” says Zaitoon.


“Training taught me how to work in a team, to be alert to change in the workplace and helped prepare me for stronger problem-solving abilities, a higher level of productivity and better performance overall,” says Zaitoon

Lourenzo Cupido: Motivated to learn more and more Finance Administrator – Finance department

Lourenzo joined the Finance department at the CTICC in September 2020 and has done several upskilling courses.

In this financial year, he participated in short-term training in Advanced VAT, POPIA, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Excel.

This, he believes, has made him a better employee.

“The knowledge gained from the training, combined with my understanding of how the business operates, has made me an integral player in my team.”

He joined the CTICC during the pandemic and has observed first-hand how technology has changed the way we work, including the last two clean audits being entirely achieved online.

He believes online skills that were provided by some of the training he underwent have improved productivity and overall morale.

“We have a good company culture. Everyone is always motivated to achieve their best and improve themselves,” says Lourenzo.

Philiswa Apolisi-Makalima: Developing communication and teamwork Hospitality Host – Food & Beverage Operations

Philiswa has been with the CTICC since September 2011 so has seen a lot of changes in the business, particularly during the pandemic, where she got to work in almost every department of the business, learning as she went.

This experience inspired her to study further and consider a new role within her department.

The training she did – ethics awareness training – helped her understand the importance of complying with applicable laws and acting in the best interest of the company.

“Learning the rules and following them will help me grow in my career,” she says.

She believes it’s important to keep on learning and says that she appreciates the opportunity the CTICC provided to better herself and grow in the industry.

For her, this is particularly true when one looks at our CSR contributions.

“I’m proud to be part of the CTICC team and working with the community has made me realise that we can successfully work together to help others,” Philiswa says.