Sustainability LCP – Ikhaya Le Themba

Ikhaya le Themba

Ikhaya Le Themba’s primary focus provides community development services to vulnerable children and families in South Africa.

This includes home based care for terminally and chronically ill patients, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), youth development, support for the vulnerable as well as poverty alleviation through their community pantry.

Their mission is:

“To meet the spiritual and practical needs of communities through mentoring, training and effective distribution of resources. Our mission is to reach the poor through selfless love and service. It is the foundation of everything we do.”


The CTICC has primarily assisted Ikhaya Le Themba in the following ways:

Make the Pantry Bigger

For our business, and any business really, finding solutions for our youth could seem an insurmountable mammoth task for CTICC. But working together means we can do just that bit more. Thanks to our Local Community Partners at Ikhaya Le Temba, we have been able to invest in their youth and enterprise development initiatives, as well as their skills development and transfer programmes.


In addition, Ikhaya Le Temba started a Community Pantry, a resource for those unemployed youth who are unable to buy their food. CTICC made food donations and shared the story of Ikhaya Le Temba’s Community Pantry with one of its suppliers, who also donated.

It just goes to show, sharing truly is caring, even when you’re sharing a Pantry List.


Please visit to find out more about the organisation and how to get involved.

National Water Week

During National Water Week, we made a concerted effort to raise awareness around water conservation with our local community partners. We visited Yomelela Primary School, which is connected to and supported by Ikhaya Le Themba, and donated water usage awareness posters, 140 child-friendly hand sanitisers, juice and snack bars to the learners. We also contributed 50 litres of hand sanitiser and ten dispensers, which were installed by our maintenance staff.

2018 March Water Week Activation at Yomelela Primary

Indalo Skin Care

The CTICC purchased products from Ikhaya Le Themba as gifts for guests at our AGM. Ikhaya Le Themba produces a natural skincare range made by employees, through their enterprise development programme, named Indalo. By supporting this initiative, we are helping employees develop skills and create jobs in the communities they support.



Please visit to find out more about the organisation and how to get involved.