Consumer Goods Forum Upcycling Case Study

60th Global Summit of Consumer Goods Forum
Upcycling Case Study

For its 60th anniversary, the Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Global Summit was hosted in Africa for the first time.

The CGF Global Summit brings together CEOs from the world’s most successful retailers, manufacturers and service providers to set the global agenda for the consumer goods sector.

Striving for a more sustainable consumer goods industry is one of the CGF’s primary objectives. It has dedicated one of its strategic pillars to social and environmental sustainability. This includes the event management supply chain.

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60th Global Summit of Consumer Goods Forum

What we set out to achieve

For the 60th Global Summit, the CGF started implementing several concrete and measurable actions in partnership with the CTICC.

These related to solid and food waste management, the use of sustainable products, and the use of energy. Their objective is to gradually green all CGF events around the world.

Implementing the upcycling plan

The CGF committed to collecting detailed data on solid and food waste, as well as the overproduction of merchandising, using it as a benchmark for future CGF events.

They further wished to ensure that all materials used in the exhibition area were recycled. This was supported by the CTICC’s three-bin, colour-coded waste system, which operates in all areas of the CTICC.

The CGF decided to serve plated food to delegates, rather than offer a buffet service, as this significantly reduced the amount of food waste. They also chose to donate packed and unprepared food to local community projects.

The global summit included several spin-off events hosted by CGF sponsors. In keeping with the focus on sustainability, sponsor Pepsico hosted a ‘Zero-Waste’ Luncheon in collaboration with the CTICC Food & Beverage team.

The CTICC coordinated the donation of stand materials to local community projects, and ensured all menus and materials used for the ‘Zero-Waste’ Luncheon were recyclable.

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The success of the initiative

“The summit has been hosted all over the world and this was the first time it has been on the African continent. Thank you to you and your team for showcasing Cape Town, South Africa and Africa in such a positive way! Our team found it to be one of the most user-friendly venues that they have used in the past 30 years.”

~ Gareth Ackerman, Co-Chair of the CGF Board