The Wood Conference

Event dates & times

24 Feb 2022


Arum meeting room

Boardroom 1.3

Pincushion meeting room


Parking P1, P3, P5

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About The Wood Conference

The Wood Conference will aim at a specialist audience from the fields of architecture, engineering, woodworkers, carpenters, planners, interior decorators, schools and their students as well as investors and the public sector. The participants will not only be shown wooden construction solutions, but also architectural, settlement planning, technological and scientific background information.

  • CTICC 1
  • CTICC 2

Getting to CTICC

Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street,
Cape Town, 8001

Getting to CTICC 2

Corner of Heerengracht & Rua Bartholomeu Dias,
Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001

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