Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

Our redefined purpose, vision and mission

Our purpose is our why; our vision is our what; and our mission is our how.


Accelerating economic prosperity, opportunity, inclusivity, creativity and innovation.



To be respected as the enabler of Africa’s smartest community of creativity, opportunity, sustainability and excellence.



By establishing and activating an integrated smart “hub” model that consistently and continuously unlocks innovation, collaboration, transformation and the power of location to reignite opportunity and possibility for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

The successful realisation of this purpose is not measured purely by commercial interests, but also by the centre’s ongoing and significant contribution to the growth and revenue of business tourism in South Africa. We bring this purpose to reality through:

Maximising economic spin-off and job creation

Focusing on innovation and exceeding expectations

Achieving service excellence by building capable and quality staff

Becoming a world leader in sustainability initiatives

Our Values

Our values enable us to do business and underpin our purpose:

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We live to go beyond.

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We are transparent in our actions.

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We create magic that gives us the edge.

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We create superior experiences.

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We are appreciative of the opportunities provided by the CTICC, City of Cape Town and the country we live in.

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We care for one another, our clients, our business, our building, and our equipment.