Sustainable Events

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Planning is key when greening your event and the earlier you begin, the better the results and impact. To get you started, download and complete our Sustainability Checklist below, remember to send it to your event executive as early as possible in the planning process to start the conversation, from there our sustainability team will come on board to help you make your event an environmental success.

At the CTICC, clients are assured their venue host is as committed to protecting the planet as they are. We offer a variety of conference packages as a base from which to build your event, which means you can add on and customise your event to your requirements, creating an Extraordinary Experience for your delegates and visitors. Clients are given every opportunity to ‘green’ their events, reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

CTICC offers clients the opportunity to donate any excess food, waste or consumables to the centre’s local community partners.For more information about events and sustainability at the CTICC, view our Sustainability FAQs.

CTICC Sustainability Checklist

We have created an event greening checklist to get you started on making your event environmentally conscious! Download and complete the below purposefully designed guide as early as possible, and go green.

Green Your Event

There are various measures event organisers can take to ensure a more sustainable event:

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