Plan Your Event at the CTICC

These guides and documents will help you visualise the CTICC’s event spaces and assist with your event booking and planning process. 

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Event Packages

Our range of innovative, all-inclusive packages provides an easy, affordable way to host memorable events.

Food & Beverage

CTICC chefs have the skills, creativity and passion to deliver gastronomical culinary experiences.

Event Services & Hire

Our events team will work with you alongside various preferred suppliers to bring your event to life.

Parking Tariffs

The CTICC offers ample, convenient parking for delegates, visitors, VIPs, exhibitors and contractors.

Event Enquiry Form

Enquire now for more information about hosting an event at the CTICC, or speak to our expert event consultants.

Event Booking Process

Find out more about how to book an event at the CTICC with this handy process guide.

Explore our Venues

Browse through the world class venues we offer and download detailed specifications for each.

Capacity Chart

Download our capacity chart for a summary of all of our venues, with capacity and size specifications.

Floor Plans

Download detailed floor plans for our venues.

Green Your Event

Find out more about what you can do to ensure your event has a minimal impact on the environment.

General Conditions of Hire

This document is mandatory reading and contains detailed T&Cs for rental of CTICC services and equipment.

Safety & Security

A reference guide for hosting events safely at the CTICC to ensure your event is legally compliant.

CTICC Certifications

We measure ourselves against the highest standards by connecting with the best international rating systems.

Safety Induction

All contractors and service providers must read and confirm acceptance of our induction manual.

Arrival at CTICC

We are committed to ensuring a Covid-safe workplace for all our visitors.

Parking & Logistics

Find out everything you need to know about parking and event load-in and breakdown logistics here.

Need to Know

Find out more about how to book an event at the CTICC with this handy process guide.

Operations Information

Everything our clients, service providers and contractors need to know about their event operations.

Preferred Service Providers

Enjoy a host of benefits when you select one of our recommended event service providers.

Film & Photo Shoots

The CTICC offers multiple possibilities for shoot locations. Download our operational guide to find out more.


Fixed staging is provided in Auditoriums 1 and 2. Find out more about staging a production at the CTICC here.

Pricing Manual

Client Manual

Induction Manual

Parking Manual

Safety & Security Manual

Sustainability Manual

Ready to start planning your event at the CTICC?