CTICC 032/2024

Provision Of Bursary Management Services Cop

The Cape Town International Convention Centre invites submissions for CTICC 032/2024

Suitably qualified, experienced and registered companies are hereby invited to submit proposals to the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) for the following quotation:

Tender Documents Collection Details

Date: 11/09/2023
Time: 12:00

For more information, please see below

No Briefing Session


Date: 27/09/2023
Time: 12:00

Supply Chain Management Process

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Register on the CTICC Supplier Database

Bidders not registered on the CTICC Database or the Central Supplier Database are not precluded from submitting tenders, but must be registered prior to the adjudication date of the offers to be responsive.

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Request Tender Documents

Physical tender documents can be purchased in cash, at a non-refundable fee of R 200 per document and can be collected directly from the supply chain office as of the dates indicated above. Please reserve yourself a set of tender documents, by sending an email to the above-mentioned personnel. Preferably, tender documents must be requested electronically, free of charge, by sending a request to the above email address.

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Submit Your Bidding Documents

To ensure that bids are not invalidated, bid documents must be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions stated on them. The completed original bid documents must be placed in a sealed A4 envelope – clearly stating the bid number and name of tender. The sealed bids must be deposited into Tender Box 1 situated at the reception area on the ground floor of the Cape Town International Convention Centre 1 (No. 1 Lower Long Street, Convention Square, Foreshore, Cape Town).

All bids received will be opened in public, late proposals and proposals submitted by e-mail or fax will under no circumstances be accepted. The CTICC reserves the right to withdraw any proposal, invitation and/or to re-advertise or to reject any proposals or to accept any part of it. The CTICC does not bind itself to accepting the lowest bid or to award a contract to the bidder who scores the highest number of points.

Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders are stated in the Tender Data.

Submit Your Bidding Documents

80% | Price

20% | BBBEE Status

N/A | CIDB Grading

Bidding Enquiries

The following personnel may be contacted only in writing in respect of enquiries with the subject line:
Willem Scholtz
Subject line to read:
CTICC 032/2024