Environmental Sustainability Water

To date, the CTICC’s water supply has been provided by the City of Cape Town. During the 2021/22 financial year, the CTICC used a total of 12 320.6 kilolitres of water, an increase of 26.2% compared to the previous reporting period.

The increase in water usage was due to an uptake in events after lockdown restrictions were removed.

Our Water Saving Initiatives

Our Reverse Osmosis Plant

All of the water we use, including in the kitchens and drinkable water from the taps, is from the reverse osmosis plant, which has a 15-year lifespan.

img water cticc ro plant

The significant saving was realised because of the implementation of the reverse osmosis (RO) plant, which converts groundwater to potable water. 

Installed to cater fully for all our daily water consumption needs, it can produce 200 000 litres of potable drinking water in a 24-hour cycle and has a tank storage capacity of 400 000 litres, to accommodate for maximum demand scenarios. 

In addition, much of the complex was also in lockdown for most of the third and the entire fourth quarter of the year in review.  There was a spike in usage when the Hospital of Hope was set up in CTICC 1 in June 2020, overall, the water usage trend is down due to the RO plant.